Text Compactor

Writing a summary is basically compacting the text. A text compactor reduces the length of the document in a summary so that it contains only the basics about the original text to give readers the main idea and supporting details of the author. This means there is a great difference in the length of the new text. Compact the summary with the original to review the summary to make sure you have included all the most important details. It takes time to master the skill of being a text compactor, which is why our clients always come to TextCompactor.net whenever they need us to write a summary for them.

Text compactor rephrases and paraphrases

We do more than just write summaries. We also assist clients in rephrasing sentences and paragraphs in their writing so that they do not include the exact words of the author. Paraphrasing is very important in writing research papers because it is a method of providing an in-text citation without having to quote directly from the text. The trick to doing any of these correctly is to have the time to compact text summaries with the original.

Our online text shortening services make it very easy for clients to get the help they need when they need it. For example, it is very difficult to write an abstract of a thesis after you have the full document completed because you know the information so well. By using our text compacting online services you get the advantage of having a neutral third party read the thesis and create an abstract for you.

Checking papers with text compactor

We can easily compact text online for you to ensure that any writing you submit is completely free of any hints of plagiarism. We check your citations manually to make sure that you haven’t included exact sentences in the paraphrasing you did for them. Any words that you use in the exact way as the original should be included in quotation marks, even in summarizing. In this way you know that your paper is just the way you want it. For any needs that you have when you need compact text services. TextCompactor.net is the very best.

Our text compactor services are manually written. Place your order to get started with TextCompactor.net.